Work in Progress – Why Oh Why

Finally managed to align the moons and get a scratch vocal down on Why oh Why, which has been a work in progress for this entire year. Lyrics: Justin Hart Music/Production: Rich Blenkinsopp Vocals: Tiffany Pinhorn We’re reworking the lyrics and the form a little before getting the final vocal down.  I’m really excited about […]

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Expressive MIDI Performance

Some say that the key to a realistic sounding MIDI performance is micro-quantizing of notes to create a human timing element. Positions of notes is certainly important, and their position relative to a grid depends very much on the style of music you’re writing, just like in real life. But there’s something more important than […]

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Electronic Music Concert

I was honoured to be invited to have a piece played at the electronic music end of year concert at MUN on April 9th. I jumped at the chance, and have been working at re-working, starting with a piece that I wrote back in 2006 called Jarresque (named after one of the pioneers in electronic music, […]

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New project

I am currently working with Jason Hayward on an interesting album of electronic music.  This is likely to be ongoing for some time, but it makes a great change from the more traditional instrumentation I tend to work with.

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