Work in Progress – Why Oh Why

Finally managed to align the moons and get a scratch vocal down on Why oh Why, which has been a work in progress for this entire year. Lyrics: Justin Hart Music/Production: Rich Blenkinsopp Vocals: Tiffany Pinhorn We’re reworking the lyrics and the form a little before getting the final vocal down.  I’m really excited about […]

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New Track: Bass Camp (Electronica)

Putting the finishing touches on an electronic track – Bass Camp.  Here it in its 0.9.1 version on Soundcloud. This uses some cool new stuff – Izotope’s Stutter Edit and Kirnu Cream, alongside many of my studio favourite virtual instruments. It perhaps defies tight genre labeling, but has some IDM elements with a little game […]

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Carefree Days (new song)

I’m pleased to have a new song demo up, showcasing my MIDI rendering skills, songwriting, and production.  In this track, called Carefree Days, I used all virtual instruments, except for the voice, which comes from the talented Adena Cahill.  The lyrics are by Justin Hart, and I wrote the music, and did all the production […]

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Expressive MIDI Performance

Some say that the key to a realistic sounding MIDI performance is micro-quantizing of notes to create a human timing element. Positions of notes is certainly important, and their position relative to a grid depends very much on the style of music you’re writing, just like in real life. But there’s something more important than […]

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The Trumpet

I’ve had quite a hiatus from sample library purchases of late, but recently I broke down and bought a small library that I’ve had my eye on since its release – Sample Modeling’s The Trumpet.  This library has a lot of feeling.  Here’s my first track…  a tribute to Miles Davis.  Very spontaneously improvised using […]

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