Carefree Days (new song)

I’m pleased to have a new song demo up, showcasing my MIDI rendering skills, songwriting, and production.  In this track, called Carefree Days, I used all virtual instruments, except for the voice, which comes from the talented Adena Cahill.  The lyrics are by Justin Hart, and I wrote the music, and did all the production for this track.

The song was written really just as a simple demo for my MIDI skills, but its sparked something a little more involved.  In this song, I wrote the basic form and tune and presented this to Justin for him to write lyrics.  I gave him a pretty open canvas, requiring only that it be a fairly uplifting song.  After Justin finished the lyrics, I crafted the music around them, and did a scratch vocal with Adena.  We made a few adjustments to the arrangement and lyrics, and got Adena back to record the final lyrics that you hear on this version.

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