Electronic Music Concert

I was honoured to be invited to have a piece played at the electronic music end of year concert at MUN on April 9th. I jumped at the chance, and have been working at re-working, starting with a piece that I wrote back in 2006 called Jarresque (named after one of the pioneers in electronic music, Jean Michel Jarre).  In its original form, Jarresque was about 60% acoustic, with strings, piano, guitars, bass and drums, as well as a couple of synths.  Now its almost entirely synths, except for a cameo by the amazing LA Scoring Strings that make a brief appearance at the five minute mark. 

The re-incarnation will be called Jarresque Nouveau, and it’s six and a half minutes of relaxed almost completeness are in the player below…


The original version if you want to compare, is in the player below.


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