LASS Update

LA Scoring Strings is a most fantastic string library, and recently it was updated to add a function called Auto Accompaniment.  If this brings back memories of the old Casio or Bontempi keyboards, you’ll have to clear your mind.  What auto accompaniment does here is split parts intelligently between the instruments playing.  What that means is that you can write a string tune on a single MIDI track, and it will split your file between whatever instruments you choose to play it. 

I thought I’d start with a string quartet (in actual fact, one violin, viola, cello and double bass). I also added a piano part too.  So just remember that very little effort has been put into this string part – it was played live into Cubase on my keyboard. 


The Auto Accompaniment feature is tweakable and comes with many preset ensembles, so you can use it for intelligent auto-divisi between sustained parts, or fast articulations. A great time saver for LASS users.

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