Demo Reel

Here is a mix of demo tracks with video. For more audio only tracks, visit my SoundCloud page at

The video samples are taken from three movie projects used for the Music for the Media diploma.

Cold Night – Opening Sequence

This demo incorporates the first five minutes of video from the film Cold Night into Dawn.  The video comprises the opening scene (a gun store robbery), the opening titles introducing the main character, and the first scene, introducing the sidekick.  Musically, the first part is underscore, and the two character introductions state the character themes to be developed through the film. Note that the credit roll shows the composers of the original film, not this “remake”.

Cold Night – Vietnam Survivor

This demo is another scene from Cold Night into Dawn, and introduces a third character – the suicide bomber in a new melodic theme.

Cold Night – Bombmaker

This demonstrates an underscore through another scene from Cold Night into Dawn.

Cold Night – Defuse

Yet another scene from Cold Night into Dawn. This combines a slight tinge of the thematic material, particularly of the Vietnam survivor, and adds a lot of new material. In this demo, the music follows the drama by mood.

Documentary – Two Prides

This demo comes from a documentary about two prides of lions with very different lifestyles.  The music follows the mood of each in stark contrast to each other.

Documentary – Safari Kill

This chase scene demo is from the same documentary as Two Prides and builds in tension and drama as the chase unfolds, and ultimately ends in a kill.

Animation – Rolf’s Hairdresser Part 1

This assignment used a storyboard with voiceover as a guide to following hits and changes.

Animation – Rolf’s Hairdresser Part 2

The last scene from this animation.