Sketch cues

I am currently working on some sketches for a film I will be working on starting in September or so. These may or may not appear in the film, but I thought I’d get myself into the style of what might be. The brief called for a score somewhere between the Oceans series and the Matrix. I’ve gone more for the funky vibe of the Oceans series for now…

Southside Underscore. Starts out as an underscore, then kicks into high gear… 2’52”

Southside Underscore

Skippy. This may be well over tempo, but was an idea for end credits that kind of fitted a scenario I was given for the end of the film. It works at a much slower tempo too. 2’02”


Wake Up! This was an initial uptempo idea, possibly for part of the trailer. 2’02”

Wake Up!/Trailer

A couple of short Scene Change type stings… just a few seconds each.

Scene Change 1

Scene Change 2

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